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Application Process Overview

​​Before submitting your application for an Enhanced Eurotalents ​Fellowship, we do invite you to carefully ​read all the information of this section as well as the Guide for Applicants.

Published on 8 August 2016

​​​​​Preliminary phase

The preliminary phase consists in three steps: registration, eligibility check, and your first contact with one or more CEA laboratories. 

  1. ​Click here to fill​ in your registration form. We will give you a login and password to access the application website.

  2. Once logged in to your account on the application website, you will be asked to fill in an eligibility form, which should include your personal information, your resume, and your cover letter. The information you will provide us will enable us to check whether you are eligible or not for the programme. Please make sure you fill in the eligibility form accurately and you attach your CV and cover letter in PDF.
    ​​Should you have already found a laboratory to carry out your research project, ​please indicate its name and your contact person there in your cover letter. 

  3. ​First contact with potential host laboratories

      • ​​ICFs: If you have successfully passed the first two steps, we will transfer your application files to scientific counsellors that may help you identify potential CEA host laboratories. In the meantime, feel free to directly get in touch with potential host laboratories you may have found by yourself.
  • OCFs: Applicants for Outgoing CEA Fellowships should at this point identify host laboratories abroad and a host laboratory at CEA for their return phases.


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Application phase

It is up to you to discuss your research proposal with your potential future lab. If you do, make sure you discuss all elements of your project with your contact person in the lab. The schedule, for instance, is a key element of your proposal - you might want to make sure it is completely relevant and feasible.

Once you feel ready and confident with your research project, you can start writing your research proposal by using the dedicated template. Click here to download the template and read the instructions.

Please, remember to check that you are still eligible before submitting your research proposal.

NB: If your project is not compatible with the ethical rules of the European Commission, it will be rejected even if it is selected by the panel of experts. 

Review phase

Each complete application (CV, cover letter, research proposal and laboratory statement) is reviewed independently by three international experts. For more information, consult the section "Evaluation".

​​Results announcement

​The publication of the list of awardees on the website occurs between two and three months after the cut-off date approximately. Furthermore, each applicant receives an e-mail with his/her Evaluation Summary Report. ​If the applicant is selected, he/she has to confirm his/her interest for the position in the ten days following the reception of the e-mail. Otherwise, the fellowship will be allocated to the next applicant on the waiting list.