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Career Development

​​​​Enhanced Eurotalents fellows can benefit from the professional trainings intended for CEA researchers and organised by CEA. In addition, they are offered to attend a specific training session called “Post-doc: act on your career and find employment in public or private research” covered by the programme.​ The training in French "Managing a scientific project" can also be covered by the programme.

Published on 9 March 2018
  • ​Post-doc: act on your career and find employment in public or private research

The professional training session entitled "Post-doc: act on your career and find employment in public or private research" is organised by the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) at CEA-Saclay and covered by the programme. This four-day training session aims at helping fellows stand out when looking for a job notably by improving their communication skills.​

​Here are the main objectives of this training:

  • Identify the skills needed for a professional project
  • Implement methods to find a job efficiently
  • Prepare a job interview and experiment recruiting methods
  • Be aware of the problems specific to the creation of high-technology start-ups​

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This training usually takes place three times a year at INSTN, at CEA-Saclay.​​​

​​"Nowadays, it is hard to find a permanent position as a researcher so I found this training session very useful to further​​ develop my communication skills when looking for a job. It also gave me the ​opportunity to meet other fellows. We all have very similar professional goals, ambitions and worries so it was very pleasant to share our tips and experiences." - Dr. Hernán Garate​ (Enhanced Eurotalents fellow at CEA/IRAMIS)

​"This training session far exceeded my expectations, it was really enlightening. The trainer really opened our eyes on the job market, teaching us that an application process is a two-sided thing. Rather than plainly applying, you need to be aware of your own potential so as to better market yourself.” - Dr. Dominic Bresser (Enhanced Eurotalents fellow at CEA/INAC)​​​

"It was an amazing opportunity to get training on how to manage career. We (our group) really enjoyed the real time simulations on interviews. So far I have never come across such a training even during my PhD. Moreover I got few nice friends during the course. Thanks to Enhanced Eurotalents for conducting and inviting for this training." - An Enhanced Eurotalents fellow at CEA​

  • Leading a scientific project

The professional training session entitled "Leading a scientific project" is organised by the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) at CEA-Saclay and covered by the programme. Since 2018, this three-day training session is organised in French and in English.

​Here are the main objectives of this training:

  • Optimise research works and reinforce required skills, especially in industry, by acquiring methods and tools to manage scientific projects.

"My name Francisco Iguaz and I'm a Eurotalents post-doc at the DEDIP department of IRFU/CEA-Saclay.

Last November I made a three-day course on "Conduite de projet scientifique", piloted by Mme Godelle-Bugeon. I learnt in a practical way the tools needed to define and manage a project, which are daily used in private companies or complex research projects. After a small presentation of each subject, we worked in a small team of four people to define one part of the project. This work was then orally exposed by one of us in front of our teacher, who played the role of CEO/PDG. It was an enriching experience because the participants worked in different research fields and the teacher had many years of experience in project management in the private sector.

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in project definition and management." - Dr. Francisco Iguaz

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