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Success Stories

​​​​Enhanced Eurotalents grants fellowships in 4 research fields to international scientists of very different profiles. In this section, post-doctoral researchers talk about their career and their work at CEA. ​​​Learn more about their experience as Enhanced Eurotalents fellows by clicking on each corresponding picture!

Published on 13 December 2017

​Energy, Environment & Climate Change (E2C2)

​Dr. John Alper, USA
Resarch Project at CEA/IRAMIS: "Core@shell Silicon-carbon nanoparticles for high density Li-Ion Batteries"
(36-month fellowship)

​​Dr. Lorenza Biano, Italy
Research Project at CEA/LITEN: "Development of an innovative Active Integrating Façade for Zero Energy Buildings"
(24-month fellowship)

Dr. Dominic Bresser, Germany
Research Project at CEA/INAC: "Polymeric Ionic Liquids for Battery Electrolytes (PILE)
(24-month fellowship)

​Key Enabling Technologies (KET)

Dr. Hernán Garate, Argentina
Research Project at CEA/IRAMIS: "Exploring Phase Separation Behavior of Poly(amic acid) Salts in Water to Develop Porous Polymer Structures for Making Innovative Membranes​". ​
(20-month fellowship)

Dr. Ephriem Mengesha, Ethiopia
Research Project at CEA/IRAMIS: "Floppy Complexes (FC)" 
(24-month fellowship)

Dr. Isaac Rodriguez-Ruiz, Spain
Research Project at CEA/DTEC: "Hydrometallurgical Processes and Nuclear Waste Treatment"
(36-month fellowship)
Dr. Marc Sansa Perna, Spain
Research Project at CEA/DTOC: "Improvement of the limit of detection of nanomechanical mass sensors" 
(36-month fellowship)

Life Sciences & Biotechnology (LSB)

Dr. Prashant Damke, India

Research Project at CEA/IRCM: "Unravelling the Helicobacter pylori protein network involved in horizontal gene transfer" 
(26-month fellowship)

Dr. Eugenio de la Mora, Mexico

Research Project at CEA/IBS: "Innovating for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease" 
(19-month fellowship)

Dr. Eduardo Paredes, Spain

Research Project at CEA/DPC: "Investigating speciation, multi-elemental and isotopic signatures as tool to aid deciphering neurotoxicity mechanisms associated with low uranium concentrations in Human neuronal cells" 
(18-month fellowship)

​​Dr. Anne von Koschembahr, USA
Research Project at CEA/INAC: "Genotoxicity of UV and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Human Skin Explants"
(24-month fellowship)

​Dr. Giuseppe Sicoli, Italy
Research Project at CEA/INAC: "Advanced pulsed EPR spectroscopy for determining at atomic level structural and functional features" 
(19-month fellowship)
Dr. Catriona Wimberley, Australia
​Research Project at CEA/SHFJ: "Quantitative mapping of brain neuroinflammation using Positron Emission Tomography: from mice to men." 
(36-month fellowship)

High Energy Physics, High Energy Density Physics, Physics of the Universe (HEPPU)

Dr. Dieter Ackermann, Germany
Research Project at CEA/GANIL: "Exploring Super Heavy Elements at SPIRAL2-S3 – Nuclear Structure, Reaction Dynamics and Astrophysical Relevance" (36-month fellowship)
Dr. Nicola Tamanini, Italy

Research Project at CEA/IPhT: "Gravitational Waves as a New Probe of the Dark Side of the Universe”. (24-month fellowship)​​​

Dr. Marc Westig, Germany
Research Project at CEA/IRAMIS: "Dynamical transport in superconducting hot-electron bolometer mixers." (36-month fellowship)