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How can I find a lab?

It is in your interest to carefully choose your CEA host laboratory before submitting your research project, since very specific technological equipment is probably needed to bring your research project to a successful end. CEA gathers a large number of state-of-the-art laboratories located in 10 campuses throughout France operating in very distinct research fields ranging from low carbon energies to information or health technologies. ​​

Published on 9 August 2016

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If you have already found a CEA host laboratory to carry out your Enhanced Eurotalents research project, please mention the information related to the laboratory and your contact person there in your cover letter.
If you still need to find a host laboratory, you can start searching for potential host laboratories corresponding to your research area and initiate contact with them, once your eligibility for the programme has been confirmed. In the meantime, your records will be transmitted to our network of scientific counsellors who might help you identify potential host laboratories. If so, contact details will be sent to you in due time.
Once you have found a potential host laboratory, please send an e-mail to the Enhanced Eurotalents team with the details of this laboratory, so that your application can proceed. 

When discussing your CEA-Enhanced Eurotalents research proposal with your contact person in the lab, make sure that you talk about all the elements of your project: the schedule, for instance, is a key element of your proposal – you have to make sure it is completely relevant and feasible, and that the equipment necessary to your research will be available when you need it.
Please keep in mind that Enhanced Eurotalents is a COFUND programme, and that, if you are selected, your host laboratory will have to support 60% of your salary.
You will find below a non-exhaustive selection of CEA’s world-class laboratories operating in the Enhanced Eurotalents research fields. We invite you to visit their website and to initiate direct contacts with scientists in the lab.

List of​ some CEA laboratories (non-exhaustive) 

​​Energy, Environment & Climate Change:

Key Enabling technologies: ​

Life Sciences & Biotechnology: ​ 

High Energy Physics, High Energy Density Physics & Physics of the Universe: ​​


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