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Evaluation Process

Other experts

​​​​​All applications are assessed by at least three independent and international experts, including the main reviewer of each research field. For each application, the other experts are contacted according to the research project's topic.  

Published on 9 August 2016
©​ PF.Grosjean/CEA​​​​​​​
The experts are necessarily working outside CEA, and come from renowned universities and scientific organisations from all over the world. In addition, for the OCF scheme, the experts are not chosen in the host organization either.

Moreover, so as to ensure partiality, all the experts have to sign up a Declaration of Confidentiality and No Conflict of Interest while performing the review. In this declaration, the expert confirms that he has no direct link with the proposal or the project​​.
​In other words, an expert is not allowed to review an
Enhanced Eurotalents application if:
  • he/she has been involved in the preparation of the proposal or the project;
  • he/she is related to an applicant or a member of the proposing or participating team;
  • he/she may be knowingly involved in the publication or exploitation of the results.

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